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We are a sports association which loves the sea and aims to develop and spread sailing. From sailing lessons to charter services, from a simple few-hours boat trip enjoying a cocktail at sunset, to the one-more nights “Boat & breakfast” option, cradled by the “swing” of our ship. Our several activities are shaped according to your needs. Discover them by visiting our web-site.

We are located in Catania, at the foot of Etna, in the beautiful Sicily, a land full of history, a panacea for all five senses.


In navigazione con la splendida Etna sullo sfondo.


“Even when you’re half asleep, when you’re exhausted, when you cook shaked by waves, when you hide below deck reading a book with the hull making twenty knots, you learn to feel the ship, you listen to its voice, you completely feel at ease with it. In those moments you feel you are not alone. “She”, the boat, is always with you. It’s a person. It complains, It gets excited. And it helps you. I’ve often faced stormy seas, wrapped by the forces of nature and suddenly hearing a strange noise. It could be a breaking tie-rod… something important, impossible to understand. It was “she”, the boat, who warned me, who saved my life like a human being.”


Giovanni Soldini, italian sailor man