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Team Building on Sailing Boat in Catania

Corporate Team Building Events on a Boat in Catania - Half or Full Day

Team Building on a Sailing Boat in Catania: Half and Full Day

Team Building On Board

Velacatania can organise team-building events on sailing boats for small and large companies wishing to stimulate and encourage knowledge and fellowship among their human resources.

Team building on a sailing boat may be alternative in type (compared to the standard type of events in the industry) but very effective in result.

We can organise an intensive sailing course of 4 or 8 hours with the group you wish to form. Team building on a boat strikes the right balance between learning and fun.

Fun will alternate with basic on-board tasks such as helming, helping to hoist sails and trim them, and preparing a meal on board.

Sailing allows the group few moments of stasis, there is always some task to be performed and often the tasks on board require the participation of several team members; this is certainly an element that lends itself specifically to the ultimate goal of team building.

It is equally true, from a corporate hierarchy perspective, that the group’s effectiveness will manifest itself in how well it executes the captain’s orders.

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Team Building and Sailing: A Perfect Combination

It is clear, therefore, that team building on a sailboat is a highly specific type of event with respect to the main purpose of these training days.

The entire team will literally, and metaphorically, be in the same boat sharing spaces, food, problems and solutions.

The reward will come at the end of the day when food and drink will be shared with the whole group (and sea permitting, even a few dips), retracing the anecdotes of this wonderful experience.

The day’s sailing will increase the awareness of the importance of the group in each of the participants in a non-traumatic way.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to ask for more information about our sailing team building days.


Prices and Timetables

Take a look at those who have already tried it. Relax and Fun are Guaranteed.

Team Building in Barca a Vela
Team Building in Barca a Vela
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Team Building
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